Some of the photographs in the photo series ‘Surveillance and Enforcement’ were made in the parking garage which is used as the base for parking enforcement operations in The Hague. The same parking garage forms the context of the permanent exhibition of the series. The photographs are printed on fifteen dibond panels with a matte finish, measuring 1.10 metres high and 1.47 or 1.65 metres wide. The panels are displayed on three concrete walls. Together with the photographs visitors may experience the unpersonal and bleak atmosphere of a parking garage and the coming and going of scan cars and parking enforcement officers on electric scooters. The exhibition was officially opened on the 7th of June 2019.

Installation and opening of the exhibition.

Photographer Maurice Timmermans talks about why he used an infrared camera.

The opinion photographer Maurice Timmermans has on technological progress and the effects it has on us and on our society.